FBI Apostille In The Golden Isles of Brunswick, Georgia

The Penwell Agency offers FBI apostille report services both in-office and mobile for your convenience.

What is an FBI Apostille?

An FBI Apostille is simply an extra layer of certification on a regular FBI background check. Typically, individuals will need an apostille when travelling outside of the U.S for an extended period of times. Other reasons may apply as well. Authentications are specific for China and Taiwan as well and include an even higher level of certification by the FBI.


We offer FBI apostille services both in-office and mobile for your convenience when traveling abroad.


Need an FBI background check authentication? We offer the service when traveling to China or Taiwan.

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$350 4-6 Weeks
  • Digitally Sent
  • Tamper Proof Copy
  • FBI Certified
  • Hague Countries


$595 6-8 Weeks
  • Digitally Sent
  • Tamper Proof Copy
  • Mobile Appointments
  • Non Hague Countries


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